Home Building With Steel

Home building with the use of steel framing is exactly what you must go for. Aside from the traditional method of using wood construction in order to frame your new home, you will see that your contractor may make use of steel beams to hold up your home. Going for steel framing will allow your house to look and feel stronger than wood construction, since it does not undergo warping like wood. Furthermore, steel is impervious to insect infestations. With this, if you intend to build a new home, it’s important to think about metal stud framing.Probably the biggest draw for you to make use of steel to frame your home is the structural integrity that it gives. Even if you search everywhere, you can’t find a stronger and more resilient framing within the market; this is why steel framing has been the popular choice of people living on areas that are susceptible to earthquakes and hurricanes. Steel has a less tendency to split or crack and it can deal with winds ranging to 180 miles per hour!The major argument against the use of metal stud framing is the fact that it hasn’t proven to be energy efficient as compared to the wood version of construction. However, with the use of proper construction techniques, steel can become energy efficiency which tends to be higher than the traditional wood construction. Furthermore, if you are concerned about its impact on the environment, you can consider the fact that it is created from 25% recycled steel hence it is 100% recyclable.

Technology in Home Building

If you talk to average people in the United States and ask them to define the word technology, you will usually hear something that refers to computers. In today’s world a “computer” is the only technology most of us think about. But, the word technology really means “new”, “improvement”, or “innovation.” In humankind’s ancient history, the wheel was once modern technology. Thus, technology for home building does not necessarily mean the installation of a wireless network to run a variety of computer devices. A good example of technology in home construction is building a house using insulated concrete forms.This revolutionary way to use concrete to build a home can be used from the literal bottom of the house to the top. An insulated concrete forms foundation creates a solid base for a home to be built upon. The foundation has the necessary concrete core giving the home immense strength, and it is well insulated so the basement of the home will be extremely comfortable for the homeowners to use.The insulated concrete forms construction can continue as the house is built up from the foundation. Walls can be made of concrete instead of the old fashion wood studs. This will give the home amazing strength. Also, because the forms are created with polystyrene blocks the home will be extremely well insulated. Plus, the concrete polystyrene foam combination will help secure the home from outside noises. The strength, energy efficiency, and sound deadening quality of an ICF home are all making people look to contractors who understand this construction.The contractors who are ICF builders like the ease and versatility this type of construction gives them. Because the polystyrene foam blocks that make the forms can be engineered and manufactured to almost any specification, the type of home being built is not a concern, and the exact manufacturing process of the blocks means less waste at the construction site. The homes assemble quickly and efficiently; the concrete is poured into the forms; the concrete seals itself to the forms, and the wall is structurally complete.

Green Home Building – Who’s Telling the Truth About Green Building?

The fact is, many people promote green because “green sells”. It’s a Top of Mind concept that has hit its stride like never before.
Green building has come and gone several times over the past decades but this time it has captured the fancy of “new school” thinkers and the attention of “old schoolers”. I’m going to shed a little light on the subject to help you if you’re going to build a home or improve your home.
Two Polarizing Views on GreenBuilding

CON: Green building is a sham. It’s an exercise in frustration. Green home building is expensive and an obvious waste of money, time, and even resources. There isn’t even an accurate way to measure its effectiveness and there’s no governing body to do so.

PRO: Green building is a Godsend. Our earth is in danger of dying. Buildings and homes create the vast majority of the earth’s pollutants. Anything we can do, regardless of the cost, is our duty. It will save our lives and the lives of our children.
Which side are you on? These two polarizing views hold some truth in them. Experts far more informed than I am fight this out on a daily basis. I can only report what I see and what I’ve worked with.
Take a Stand or Find Your Own Middle Ground
1) Don’t be fooled by hype and wild claims. Do your own research and determine your own priorities.
2) Whether you’re preparing to build or to remodel, decide what is most important to you and work with your building professional/coach to determine what you can implement.
You don’t want to pollute or waste energy but you don’t want to throw away your money on claims that are unsubstantiated. Keep up the learning! And Happy Homebuilding.